Additional Tamper Evident Products

Product Code*DescriptionVolume (ml)Lid Diameter (mm)Container per boxContainers per palletContainersLidsColoursMinimum Order Quantity
A-01225115ml round container11567189030240YesYesTransparent/white2 pallets
A-01502155ml round container15567180028800YesYesTransparent/white2 pallets
A-03035180ml round container18095105616896YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-05851200ml round container2009262413440NoYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-05851235ml round container2359262412960YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-08427280ml round container280956249984YesYesTransparent1 box
A-01664365ml round container365956009600YesYesTransparent1 box
A-01533520ml round container520955759200YesYesTransparent/white1 box
T3105553ml round container553954325184YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-06135565ml round container5651244356960YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
T3107773ml round container7731184325184YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-03863800ml round container8001243365376YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
A-053431000ml round container10001221682520YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
T31101023ml round container10231263604320YesYesTransparent/white1 pallet
T1405500ml rectangular container5006205616732YesYesWhite1 box
PARK-1-LITRE1 litre rectangular container1000119.92525040YesYesWhite1 box

*code is for natural


  • All packs available with in mould labels (Minimum quantities apply)
  • Post Mould label decoration available. Minimum Order 1000 units
  • Special Freezer Grade materials available upon request
  • All packs available in bespoke colours (Minimum order quantities apply)
  • Lid quantity will be matched to the nearest box of containers

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