1 Scoop Compostable ice cream paper cup 90ml (2280 units)

£219.00   (ex Vat)

Eco-friendly, sustainably sourced and attractive, these ice cream cups are a great way to package your ice cream range. These cups are both compostable and biodegradable.

The option holds 90ml which is great for tasting pots. This cup is also available in an 80ml or 170ml option also.

Intended use for dairy products.

Units: 2280 units (40 bags of 57 units)

Dimensions: Height 4cm x Diameter 7.3cm

Capacity: 90ml

Material: Pure cellulose cardboard hot-coupled with a Mater-Bi® film, derived from renewable sources. Suitable for direct food contact.

This product is compostable where facilities allow.

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