280ml tamper evident container & lid (2496 units)

£492.00   (ex Vat)

Polypropylene 280ml Tamper Evident Container and Lid in natural colour. Ideal for the secure containment of soups and sauces. Press the lid on to the container to be sealed, air tight and leakproof.

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Units: 2496 containers (4 boxes) & 2875 lids (1 box)

If more containers are required, please contact us.

Material: Polypropylene suitable for direct food contact. The material used has good heat resistance and withstands temperatures up to 100°C for a short period of time. Notably, heat may make plastic containers become flexible, so care must be taken in relation to stacking immediately after hot filling. After cooling of the product and container it regains its original stacking strength. Standard containers made of transparent material may become brittle at temperatures below 0°C.

Dimensions: Hole Diameter 86.7mm, Container height 61.4mm, Lid diameter, 92.5mm, Container weight 12.1g, Grand diameter 79.9mm, 62mm with lid, lid height 7.9mm, Lid weight 5.3g


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