We are proud to be associated with QBE and make a difference

Posted on: November 9, 2020 2:26 pm
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The QBE insurance group is one of the world’s leading insurers.

We are delighted to work with them through their Premiums 4 Good initiative and choose to make a difference to the UK and the rest world.

Through the Premiums4Good programme, everyday premiums are used to make tangible differences to communities in the world. They commit a portion of our premiums into investments that have additional social or environmental benefits. These investments include renewable energy initiatives and sustainable infrastructure to social impact bonds.  These support a range of projects and programs within the UK and across the globe that seek positive change.

Social impact bonds provide funding for initiatives that have direct social benefits include:

1)Reducing homelessness

2)Supporting improved youth mental health

3)Promoting family stability by reducing parental substance abuse

4)Keeping families together

Some projects within the UK that they supported have included the Cheyne Social Impact property fund where they help to address the greater than ever need for long term, affordable housing the UK. Mobility schemes are also supported which helps to enhance the lives of disabled people across the UK and give them and their families access to reliable transportation.

Together with QBE it is great to be able to make a difference.



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