Food Packaging Supplier

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Food Packaging Suppliers

Parkers Packaging Limited is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of recyclable injection moulded and paper board packaging for the dairy and food industry in the UK. We are a food packaging supplier for a wide variety of companies, from start ups to multi nationals, our aim is to offer quality packaging with competitive prices with quantities to suit your business. We offer a full added value service to provide clients with bespoke printed packaging.

Our factory is graded to the highest AA Grade for packaging materials by BRC, this standard is recognised globally and ensures that we follow safety and legal standards. We take our environmental responsibility into consideration at all stages of our business planning, from development to delivery whilst continuing to produce high quality products that meet our customer’s specification and demands. All our products are 100% fully and widely recyclable and we also recycle 100% of our commercial waste too.

food packaging suppliers

Food and Catering Packaging

Our colour coded 4 litre food containers have been produced with the caterer in mind and help make food storage simple and safe. Made from 100% recyclable polypropylene, our colour coded food hygiene containers with matching lid help promote best practice and prevent cross contamination. Our containers are made from freezer grade material giving greater flexibility safer storage and are dishwasher safe.

Bespoke Packaging 

Our state of the art machinery can provide IML labelling over a variety of products including our own 1, 2 and 4 litre as well as our Napoli lids. IML will help strengthen your brand in any sector including retail and food service.

All our products are available as plain stock with a minimum order of one box or with the option to print bespoke to your requirements to help strengthen your brand and give you the competitive advantage.

Sustainable Takeaway Packaging

Serving up your ice cream in our eco – friendly compostable packaging can show your customer that you are making a conscious effort to reduce your impact on the environment and lower your carbon footprint.

Compostable packaging is capable of disintegrating into natural elements within a commercially compostable environment, leaving little trace behind. We have introduced a new paper spoon for this year which is plastic free and 100% natural. These spoons are strong, water repellent and resistant to even the hardest ice cream.

Tamper evident container and lids are perfect for storing a variety of food types including dairy, spices, salts, sauces, sweets & olives to brown kraft containers which come in a variety of sizes with lids to match. Also our kraft containers have a PE lining which allows them to be leak proof and microwaveable.

Our impulse 100ml & 125ml tubs are two of our best-selling products. These are available with a spoon and lid making them an ideal product for takeaway, theatres, cinemas, festivals and the increasing home delivery market. Our spoon is securely fitted within the lid to ensure when the tab is removed the spoon does not fall out.

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